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Ezequiel and Jeremiah Cardenas

Twin Brothers

Long Beach, California


The Cardenas brothers were born in 1994 from Central-American and Mexican descent. Throughout their life, being raised in a Latin-American household has influenced them tremendously in their music and culture. From a young age, they always danced and listened to famous latin music classics at their family fiestas, which ultimately inspired the love and drive they have today for music. At the age of 9, both brothers began their music journey by playing different instruments, such as, the violin, the viola, the guitar, the cajon, and piano — today Ezequiel found a great passion for the guitar, and Jeremiah a passion for the piano. By the age of 12 years, their mother introduced them to their church choir, where they found love in vocal entertainment. Their drive for performing, along with the encouragement of their family members, brought them to a talent competition at the age of 14, where they performed as a duo and came in second place, behind a 24 year old established R&B singer. 

While they attended Millikan High School in Long Beach, California, they joined their school choir and also participated in musical theatre, in addition to being avid and passionate athletes, participating in track and field, soccer, and basketball. Furthermore, the Cardenas brothers joined a program entitled ”Best Buddies", which focused on assisting and serving youth communities with disabilities. The twins participated in assisting them everyday during their lunch hour, providing help with their homework, playing games, or even playing and learning instruments. 

Ezequiel and Jeremiah have always had a passion for entertaining others. They have given live street performances on the streets of Santa Monica, Hollywood, Universal City-Walk, Long Beach, Los Angeles and Southern California. Entertaining in the public eye allowed them to gain enough confidence to have auditioned and participated in several nationally and internationally known television talent contests, some being, American Idol, X Factor UK, and La Banda. As a result, they’ve traveled all over California, Miami, Latin-America and the United Kingdom.

You'll never meet anyone as dedicated and hardworking as Ezequiel and Jeremiah. They're determined in making their dreams of singing, carrying messages, and performing worldwide a part of their reality. A day in the life of the Cardenas twins involves welcoming the day with vocal warmups, immediately creating new ideas for song production, networking, and connecting with others involved in the industry, attending events, connecting with their audiences on social media, and doing as much as they can to get their name out to the public.

Today, the twins passion and drive for music is stronger than ever, and they’re constantly working, singing, traveling, entertaining, producing media content and videos on YouTube, and providing a direct connection for their loyal followers on their verified social media profiles. Their ultimate dream is to inspire people with their music, to stay passionate about their dreams, and to spread important messages that the people of the world can relate to, in an effort to instill in all their listeners and followers a sense of confidence, motivation and hope.